10-11 Web Alert

10-11 Web Alert 2.0

Severe weather, tornado, and News alert program for the Nebraska residents (See all)
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Living in one of the two major tornado alleys in the US, with the peak tornado months now approaching, broadcasters at KOLN/KGIN TV, affiliates of the ABC Television Network and local to Nebraska, who have continuously aired storm warnings to the community, have developed a weather alert program, the 10-11 Web Alert, that you can download free of charge, which will warn you about serious weather threats approaching. As soon as severe weather warnings are issued, you will be alerted by an audible sound from your computer that will be followed by a warning text crawl displaying the information you need to know. The program will also alert you about breaking news events, provide you with the county specific warnings and the current local temperature and weather conditions. It will even alert you about rush hour traffic events. You can receive this program by signing up for it at the KOLNKGIN.com website. WebAlert is a Windows based program and has a small, neat interface. This tiny program could save your life by alerting you about approaching tornado and storm conditions.

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